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Kerala Pilgrim Packages-4 (5 Nights 6 Days)

Day 01 - Kochi
Arrival at Kochi. Today you can visit Jewish Synagogue, Mattancherry. This synagogue is the oldest synagogue in the Commonwealth and is famous for its Hebrew inscriptions on stone slabs, great scrolls of the Old Testament and the ancient inscriptions on copper plates.
Move to St. Francis Church, Fort Kochi. The is the first European church in India, which later became the model for building churches elsewhere in the country. Vasco da Gama, who died in Kochi during his second visit to Kerala, was buried in the church in 1524. later his mortal remains were taken back to his native land, Portugal.

Then visit St. George Church, Edapally and is held to date back to 593 AD. This is one of the major pilgrim centres in Kerala where even non-Christians come to pay their respects. Devotees throng the church to genuflect before the statue of St. George to express their gratitude for favours received through the saint. The annual festival begins on the 23rd of April with solemn High Mass and Litany. On May Day, the statue of St. George is taken out of its usual podium and placed on an especially decked chariot for procession. The festival ends with the High Mass on 4th May.Overnight stay at Kochi.

Day 02 - Malayattur
Today you can visit the St .Thomas Chruch Malayatoor. This pilgrim destination is on the slopes of the picturesque Western Ghats, 52 Kms. From Kochi and 8 Kms. From Kalady is the Malayattoor Church. This is a Christian pilgrim centre and is believed to have been blessed by the Apostle of Christ, St. Thomas and the Church atop the hill was established in AD 900. Malayattoor is accessible by road up to the foot hills of Kurishumudy. The church at the top of the hill, about 2 Kms. can be reached only by foot. Situated beside the Periyar river and a small lake called Manappattuchira, Malayatoor is also a place of scenic beauty. Overnight stay at Kochi.

Day 03 - Aruthunkal - Cherthala
This day you can visit, St. Sebastian's Church, Aruthunkal. This is one of the most important pilgrim centres of the Christians in Kerala, popularly known as St. Sebastian Church. Located 22 kms. north of Alleppey, this church was established by Portuguese missionaries. The 11-day festival of St. Sebastian is held here every year in the month of January. The Ettamperunal is celebrated on the 8th day after the main festival. A peculiar votive of the church is Urulu nercha (an offering of a devotee by crawling on the ground). devotees crawl from the church premise to the local beach. Material offerings of the festival include gold and silver replicas of human limbs, bows and arrows. The church also is a place for communal amity. Two days left for the main festival, thousands of Sabarimala pilgrims, while returning home, bathe from the church tank and pay homage to St. Sebastian.

After that you can go for the St. Thomas Church, Kokkamang alam, Cherthala that was built by St. Thomas in 52 AD, this church has a special altar where the holy relics of St. Thomas, brought from Edessa with the special permission of His Holiness John Paul II is kept. The main feast of St. Thomas is on the Sunday following Easter, which is attended by many pilgrims from across the country. Overnight stay at Alappuzha.

Day 04 - Edathua
This morning, move to Edathua to visit St. George Church. This church dedicated to St. George, was established in 1810. It is believed that prayers and offerings at this church help to heal all mental disorders and other ailments. During the eleven-day annual feast in the first week of May, devotes from all parts of South India, irrespective of caste and creed, visit the church and seek blessings of the saint. Move to kottayam and Overnight stay at Kottayam

Day 05 - Bharanganam
Morning, move to St. Mary's Church, Manarcaud. This church is situated around 8 km from Kottayam town, it is one of the outstanding churches of the Syrian Jacobite Church of Kerala. It is famous for the ettu noimbu festival, an eight day retreat and fast in honour of St. Mary, starting on September 1. Holy Mass is offered on the feast days. The Perunnal falls on September 8 and 9.

Move to the church of Blessed Alphonsa, Bharananganam. This holy place is located 20 km from Ettumanoor, the church is one of the important pilgrim centres of the Christians in Kerala. The mortal remains of Sr. Alphonsa, who was pronounced as blessed is kept in this church. The death anniversary of blessed Sr. Alphonsa, which falls on The 20th of July, is an important day. Move to kochi and Overnight stay at Kochi

Day 06 - Kochi
After the sight seeing, Move to Kochi for departure.
Note: Local sight seeing is included in all of the above days.

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